The menu for the fundraiser lunch is as follows:

  • Meat pies: ground beef, cheese, Bacon and seasoning
  • Chips
  • Fruit pies: apple/cherry
  • Tea and lemonade
  • $5.00 plate

    Since 2012 the Banquet of Bacon has been the highlight of Bacon Bash. A feast with our signature ingredient in every course, visitors come far and wide to see what new culinary delights our Bacon Chefs can come up with! Join us as we reward ourselves for our love of bacon, sing the Bacon Song and continue the legend of the Banquet of Bacon!

    Banquet of Bacon
    Presented by: The Honorable Lady Aislinge MacCuithein

    NOTE: Menu is subject to change as necessary

    1st Course:

    Bean & Bacon Ragu
    Roasted carrot salad
    Toast with Bacon jam

    2nd Course:

    Pork, Apple and Bacon Pie (or meatballs)
    Spinach, Bacon and Currants
    Pumpkin Ravioli with walnut & garlic sauce
    Some kind of Chicken dish
    another veggie

    3rd Course:

    Smoked Pork Loin or Canadian Bacon (cheating I know) served with Cherry Mustard
    Pasta Fritata
    Vegetable to be Determined

    4th Course:

    Candied Bacon
    Almond Tart