Heavy fighting!

Rapier Fighting!

Newbie Knockabout Tournament!

Have you been an authorized fighter for less than 2 years? In addition to our normal Heavy Fighting Schedule, there will be a special "Newbie Knockabout Tournament" at Bacon Bash open to novice fighters who have been authorized for less than 2 years. Single elimination, open weapon style format. So come out and bring your newer fighters to compete for the title of "Bacon Bash's 'This Little Piggie Won a Tournament' Champion"!


Marshall in Charge: William Brewer

I will be running a standard range for general shooting, with targets at 20 and 30 yards -- the range doesn't really accommodate a 40 yard range, but I'll see if I can squeeze it in safely.

I will also be hosting a walkthrough pig hunt! Come out and shoot at single pigs, pairs of pigs, sounders of pigs, pigs at different angles -- and all of them will be at random and annoying distances, because that's just fun! There will be an added twist, and it will be announced before each group goes back to shoot.

Get points for each pig you shoot, and the highest score wins!

There will be loaner equipment available.

Live Weapons!

Marshal in charge: Cynthia du Pont



You can enter the Tournament or just come to throw.

You can score anytime between 8 am - Noon...just tell us when you are ready.

3 Categories:
Best Female (non-fighter)
Best Male (non-fighter)

We will have an additional spear target: "Impale the Ginger Ale" (formerly Spear the Beer)

The prize will be a throwing book that covers knives, axes and spears and it comes with a DVD!!!

Come Have Fun and sharpen your 'mad' skills!!....

Located down below at the site by the river!!!!!!